Light Shaman necklace


Inspired by the warm light of street lamps on a dark foggy night, this necklace captures the mystical essence of a city's nocturnal charm, featuring five citrine point thats golden hues reminiscent of the warm glow that illuminates the obscurity.

This statement necklace consists of a dark purple recycled cotton yarn braided around a wire core, and five raw citrine points hanging on it.
It can be gently bent to adjust the shape so you can wear it in different ways.

Size: around 16cm wide, the crystals are around 4cm.
The total lenght of the chain is 37cm, the lenght can be adjusted.

✧ Citrine
Heat treated amethyst: This crystal was originally amethyst that has been heated to get the yellow color (same process happens naturally on Earth's mantle). Heat treatment does not affect the stone’s chemical makeup, so it's still considered a natural crystal. This stone has the healing properties of amethyst but as it’s no longer purple, it will now have the healing properties associated with the colour yellow. Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success, raises self-esteem and confidence.
Citrine is the birthstone for November.