Dark Warrior necklace

31.99 - 32.99

Handmade polymer clay crescent pendant in black, with a metallic middle part decorated with a crystal cabochon or a rune of your choice.

There's four metal color and several gemstone variations to choose from!
If you chose rune, please leave a note during checkout with the rune of your choice! If I don't get any information I make the necklace with a random rune.
If you'd like a bindrune (like on the one pictured), please contact me!

Size: about 6cm

Comes with a 40cm long chain by default. If you'd like to customize the chain lenght or want a velvet choker, or a long faux suede cord instead, please let me know by leaving a note during checkout!

Please note: this item is made to order, you will receive a piece similar to the pictures. Every handmade item, and natural crystal is unique and a little bit different.

It takes about 5-10 days to make and ship this item.

(the color sample picture is the Shieldmaiden earrings)